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    MultiplyByZer0 (talk)19:23, 23 August 2017

    Also, a better CAPTCHA is needed, MathCaptcha is too easy.

    I think a question-based CAPTCHA would work. Questions such as:

    • Q: "Name a sample bot." A: One of ["Corners", "Crazy", "Fire", "Interactive", "Interactive_v2", "MyFirstRobot", "MyFirstJuniorRobot", "PaintingRobot", "RamFire", "SittingDuck", "SpinBot", "Target", "TrackFire", "VelociRobot", "Walls"]
    • Q: "Name a robot base class." Q: One of ["Robot", "JuniorRobot", "AdvancedRobot", "TeamRobot"]
    • Q: "What is the default battlefield size (WIDTHxHEIGHT)?" A: "800x600"
    • Q: "What is the default number of rounds?" A: "10"
    • Q: "What is the name of the sample bot in the 'samplesentry' package?" A: "BorderGuard"


      MultiplyByZer0 (talk)20:05, 23 August 2017

      On second thought, just IP-ban them all.

        MultiplyByZer0 (talk)22:31, 23 August 2017