Skipped Turns

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Skipped Turns

This is bot just about Oculus but it happens a lot to me. I do the things below.

  • Start the battle
  • Maximise the speed(Oh no too many skipped turns)
  • Minimise the windows(Wow my robot is faster than Shadow. No skipped turns)

Is this normal. Maybe something about robocode robot painting time. Debug graphics are closed by the way.

    Dsekercioglu (talk)14:37, 11 September 2017

    Yeah, I also noticed this. Robocode seems to give every robot a certain amount of time to do calculations. Whenever I activate debug graphics, the skipped turns become less. Maybe because Robocode provides more time in that case. When the window is minimized, battles run faster. Maybe the time for painting the battlefield is added to the regular bot calculation time, but I am not sure.

    Does anybody know whether there is a way for the robot to know how much time he can spend before it would lead to a skipped turn?

      Cb (talk)14:47, 11 September 2017