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Sorry about how got messed up. It's on a stable server, but there was some shenanigans with the DNS. To make ammends, I've created something that hopefully will be quite useful to the robocode community, which I will ensure is very stable into the future. now provides an archive of all robots in the rumble, which automatically updates on an hourly basis. The "" file always contains all robots currently in the rumble (historical versions trimmed out), but the "robots" directory there contains historical versions as well.

That said, I'd like to note that there are 4 robots that I am missing and cannot locate in any available zip file or site:

  • maribo.IotaCT 1.0
  • maribo.Omicron 1.0
  • extra.Sauce .01
  • extra.LightSauce 0.01

Anyway, cheers!

Rednaxela05:35, 9 May 2012