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Another question.

What is the official java version to be used with robocode?

I personally use java 6 but I think some bots are compiled with java 7 and do not run on my machine. Shall I switch to java 7?

Beaming (talk)18:18, 2 May 2014

If you're using Sun/Oracle Java, I would strongly argue you should not be using Java 6 anymore, and should not have been for the last year, because you're not getting security updates.

If you're using OpenJDK instead of the Sun/Oracle version, you can still get security updates for Java 6, so that isn't an issue.

As OpenJDK 6 doesn't have official Windows builds, and Sun/Oracle Java 6 does not get security updates, perhaps it is best to as a rule not be using any version of Java 6 (even if it has recent security patches) for Roborumble, as new Windows users submitting bots cannot easily test with Java 6.

Rednaxela (talk)18:36, 2 May 2014

OK. Get it. I was using openJDK all this time. I will switch to java7 in my clients. There are some nice additions for Point2D class which I was tempting to use instead of my own implementations.

Beaming (talk)19:56, 2 May 2014