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Yeah, thank you for your opinion!

I actually devoted too much time on my gun exactly because it's way easier to test. Every time I touched my movement code I went back to my gun 5 minutes later, i'm creating a lot of resistance to work on it. Anyway, I'm was planning to improve my movement based on the wiki challenges, but simce you said that i'll probably look into alternatives. Notice that I do my work based on challenges not because I think these results are strongly related to rumble results, but because those are my first good results in robocode so I feel like improving over challenges is practical and is still improving my rumble results. Its clear that this is not true for my gun anymore.

Going back to the alternatives, do you have any suggestion? Should I start to build my own rumble-directed testbed besides the bots I perform bad after each release? There are bots which are like "a must"?

Rsalesc (talk)02:02, 27 August 2017

Just looking at your results and the differences against my bots, it seems that your distancing and avoiding the simple guns is not near perfect yet. F.e. against wiki.nano.DevelFISH and bbo.RamboT, both close fighters, your score is lower than expected. I usually only tested against an older version of my own bot, until I finally made a testbed with a few top-50 bots, white-whales and also some 150-400 ranked bots.

GrubbmGait (talk)10:56, 27 August 2017

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Thank you, gonna try that soon :P

Rsalesc (talk)02:58, 29 August 2017