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It seems we are in front of LittleBlackBook! Who says adaptive general purpose movement and targeting can't match hard-coded behaviour? =)

    Skilgannon14:59, 4 May 2013

    Well, I'm curious to see where an updated LBB would rank... :-) But still, amazing work, huge congrats dudes!

      Voidious17:45, 4 May 2013

      Wow! Great job, Skilgannon! First place APS, second place PWIN, first place ANPP, fifth place Vote, and first place Survival.

      However, Voidious does have a point. If Miked0801 ever updates LBB's tables, LBB could rise into the 80's.

        Sheldor20:28, 4 May 2013

        Yeah, considering it was at about 80% in micro, I think 82% in nano wouldn't be too hard to believe. Oh well, I guess we'll have to keep improving Yatagan then =)

          Skilgannon21:10, 4 May 2013

          And if LBB 2.0 is based on Yatagan, then you'll really have your work cut out for you... :-P

          But seriously, a 2 APS lead on the next non-LBB bot is crazy awesome.

            Voidious21:14, 4 May 2013