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15:24, 5 November 2012 Wompi (talk | contribs) New thread created  

Some basics ....

Hi mate.

To answer you question about the 'while' loop:

The debug properties will be printed last because ahead(200) is a blocking command. This means the bot will move 200 pixels and after that the next line will be executed and so on.

There is a difference between setXXX(...) and blocking commands (ahead(..), turnXXX(..)). A setXXX will register the value for later execution and returns immediately. Maybe i give you a little example so you can see the difference:

public class YourRobotName extends AdvancedRobot

public run()
    System.out.format("Start\n");  // this will be executed only once per battle

         // output to the console - immediately
         // will be executed every turn, if no blocking command is used
         System.out.format("heading: %.1f° at time %d. \n", getHeading(),  getTime());

         // register formatted string for later output  
         setDebugProperty("startingWhile", String.format("heading: %.1f° at time %d.", getHeading(),  getTime()));

         // move the bot 200 pixel - does nothing in between
         // beware that a bot can only move max 8 pixel per turn and this would return only if the bot 
         // has reached its destination so if this comes back you are not at turn 1 anymore - instead 
         // you are at turn 25 (200/8) ( can be +/- and depends on acceleration/deceleration)

         // register 200 movement for later execution (you have to extend your class by AdvancedRobot 
         // to make it work - returns immediately and does nothing until execute() 

        // after this, the setAhead(200) value you have registered will be executed - but with a slightly
        // different behavior than ahead(...)  
        // basically it does move your bot with the current velocity (lets say 8 pixel) and returns to 
        // the beginning of the while loop. This means the next turn the 200 are  still registered 
        // minus 8 - so 192 pixel to go. This has the advantage that you can command your bot 
        // every turn if you want.  
        //Also if you have the setAhead(200)  implemented like above you will set 200 every turn 
        //and your bot will move endless (or at least until you hit a wall) 
        // It works for all setXXX commands the same - and setDebugProperties(...) is no difference. 
        // (actually there is a little glitch with the properties and you have to update the value every turn
        // but that should not bother you right now) 
        // - for starters i would suggest the System.out.format(...) to be on the easy side.

I'm not sure if this helps a little, but maybe you get a glimpse of it. And don't worry to ask whatever you want to know - the community is quite helpful and we all had our first steps someday.


Wompi15:24, 5 November 2012