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Well the reason I was using oldHeading was because it was originally passed into turnGunTo, but since it's called turnGunTo, and therefore only ever applies to the Gun, I realised I could [read: should] get the value inside the function itself.

Shouldn't it be setTurnGunLeftRadians() (or setTurnGunRightRadians())?

I'm still working on checking which one I want, and what value I want to pass into it (currently calling it with:

turnGunTo(Utils.normalRelativeAngle(getGunHeadingRadians() - e.getBearingRadians())); 

inside my onScannedRobot() function)

You're being uncharacteristically helpful for a random stranger on the internet. Am I supposed to give you cookies or something? :)

Cbrowne18:18, 11 October 2011