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Survey Results

So I did a quick survey of the top 52 nanobots.
I was not particularly surprised to find that a lot used pattern matching guns of one kind or another, but I was a little surprised that "a lot" was really A LOT !.

I counted 33 pattern guns in the top 52. 33! Many predate it, but quite a few are derived from WeekendObsession, which was one of the first to really shrink the pattern gun code.
Less little black book (a special case) and rammers like Sabreur and Caligula (also a special case) that is an overwhelming dominance of pattern guns in the nano arena.

This leads me to a few conclusions:

  • I had better put a bit more movement effort into combating pattern guns.
  • I'm glad I have contributed some new non-pattern guns to the store of nano-robo knowledge.
  • I'm kinda proud that I have 5 bots with non-pattern guns in the top 20.
  • This has now removed any remaining qualms I had about stealing Yatagan's movement and using it in PralDeGuerre.

I now fully intend to see how high I can push the PRAL gun up the rankings. 3rd is likely. 2nd is possible. 1st is probably out of reach, but let Yatagan and his devilish pattern gun sit uneasily on his throne...

Nz.jdc (talk)05:41, 10 June 2013

Cool info, thanks! Nano-land is pretty interesting and such a different ecosystem than the other rumbles. I feel like we lack a lot of this kind of high level analysis here on the wiki, with everyone usually just focused on the next thing they're working on.

Voidious (talk)17:54, 10 June 2013