removeOld() not working? Or locationCount not decrementing after removeOld()?

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DeBroglie rev0026 is up. Only change from rev0025 is your 3rd gen tree. Should perform pretty close to what it was doing before, though some differences are to be expected since your 3rd gen tree doesn't drop points. We'll see, though I have to get going to the doctor at the moment.

I tested with both the SqrEuclidean and Manhattan versions of my Weighted trees. Both seemed to work fine in several test battles with some bots I had sitting around. I ended up making a WeightedDistanceFunction class to be a superclass of both the WeightedManhattanDistanceFunction and WeightedSquareEuclideanDistanceFunction.. to duplicate less of the code involved in weighting.

The weighted DF should failover gracefully if given weights that mismatch the number of tree dimensions. Only thing I didn't implement was doing a Math.abs() on weights, since someone out there might invent a DistanceFunction that utilizes negative weights.

If the code on my bitbucket fork meets your approval, I can toss you a pull request. :)

EDIT: Made a new bitbucket with all the work in a single commit, and decided to make WeightedDistanceFunction abstract.

Tkiesel20:35, 22 May 2012

Neat! When I first took a quick look at the version you initially posted, I was thinking to myself that WeightedDistanceFunction should have been abstract yeah.

I'll merge it in some time shortly.

Rednaxela01:22, 28 May 2012

Awesome. Glad I could help contribute back in some small measure. Your code has been a tremendous piece of work to use in my bot!!

Tkiesel01:41, 28 May 2012