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Actually, here you go: [1] ... Hopefully that works for ya!

Voidious (talk)08:03, 16 October 2013

This one worked without a hitch.

Seeing replay in a browser is super cool, but a bit unexpected :)

I use to make a few debian packages for my own needs. It is not too complicated, especially if you are not to worried about 100% complaint to the distribution policy. But it should be fine for non official packages.

If you can do debian that mean that ubuntu is done as well.

I feel silly to ask but how to see updates and replies to the messages? I used the recent changes page but this seems to be an overkill and not very convenient.

Beaming (talk)03:51, 17 October 2013

Whew, glad to hear it! Good point about the HTML replays surprising you, which is not a good UI trait. I'll figure out a way to indicate that somehow.

I started working on the .deb packaging earlier. So far doesn't seem too scary...

About wiki messages, the main thing I use is you can "watch" pages and threads and get an email when they're updated. Thread updates even include the whole text, and page updates have a link to the diff. There's also "new messages" along the top, which I think is stuff you watch plus thread replies, but I almost never use it so I'm not sure. And yeah, I also check Recent Changes.

Voidious (talk)04:29, 17 October 2013

FYI I've made a lot of progress towards a .deb package. Revamped the build process with autoconf/configure along the way. Right now there's still binary incompatibility because Debian has libglew17 and Ubuntu libglew18. But at worst, I'll be able to offer .deb's instead of .zip's, it's no worse in terms of binary incompatibility, better installation process, run from anywhere and data's stored in your chosen location (like on Mac), and I can see about submitting the source package to the Debian repo so you can eventually get the binary you need in whatever distro.

And hopefully wxWidgets 2.9 and SFML 2 will hit Debian stable eventually and make my life a little easier...

Also someone came along and packaged it for the Arch Linux repository, which was a nice surprise. His first pass is semi-broken because it was before I did all this other necessary stuff to make it work smoothly running from an installed location, but he has my latest code and I think will update it sometime.

Voidious (talk)00:34, 27 October 2013

Yep, it is a pain when libraries are not in the main distro.

But may be there is no reason to push so hard. You already have good enough binary zip which runs by itself, so anyone interested can run it on Debian with no problem. The only thing to do maybe, is to come up with a list of packages required to run it. As I reported it runs fine for me, but may be I have big enough collection of library packages. Debian has some script which runs through binary and report its dependencies, it is run from inside of deb-maker scripts so I cannot say which one exactly.

Also, if you do deb packages just because of my request. Please, do not fill obligated. For the next couple month I will be busy trying to reach something in robocode. And I cannot handle one more addictive game :)

Though, I will be happy to test installation of berrybots packages.

Beaming (talk)01:02, 27 October 2013

Haha, well, real packaging on Linux was already a to-do, but having actual people show some interest has a way of helping prioritize things. :-) And I can pay my Apple tax (er, developer license) to get rid of a scary warning there, maybe write an installer for Windows too, and I've got a nice "easier to build or install / run" story for the next version.

I've tested the .zip on a fresh install of Ubuntu, so I don't think there's anything major that I'm unknowingly depending on. I think I tried the Debian binary on a fresh install too.

Voidious (talk)01:24, 27 October 2013

If you're interested, here's a Debian 32-bit .deb: [1].

Got both .deb and .rpm packages working now. Never thought I'd be so happy to see my icon in the Linux Applications menu. :-)

Voidious (talk)06:06, 29 October 2013

Congratulation with mastering debian packaging! I installed it without problems and it seems to be working properly.

Beaming (talk)00:00, 30 October 2013