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TronNews - Archived Talk

(2004-06-29) v3.11 released
Shadow's 3.11 gun with some (mostly untested) melee updates. +16 1on1 ranking points, I'm happy :).
(2004-05-11) v3.06 released
Stronger against the weak, weaker against the strong. Rating: 1947
(2004-05-06) v3.05 released
Stronger against the strong, weaker against the weak.
(2004-05-01) v3.04 released
Lots of small changes to the 1on1 movement.
(2004-04-29) v3.03 released
Old melee code re-activated. Further 1on1 tests.
(2004-04-27) v3.02 released
More testing. Still no melee.
(2004-04-24) v3 test version released
Testing a new 1on1 movement in the Rumble, no melee strategy. To be completed...
(2003-09-07) v2.02 released
Improved movement, first version ever to smoke Cigaret. :)
(2003-08-12) v2.01 released
Restructured and partially rewritten. Supports the targeting challenge. Exactly the same movement as v1.5. Improved 1on1 and (long term) melee performance. More to come soon...
(2003-08-02) v2 hype
In the last couple of weeks I've been (slowly) rewriting Tron almost from scratch in hopes of getting a more structured framework for improvements and maybe even a new bot. I just finished the first version of the improved targeting and the results look very promising. It now learns for 10x the number of rounds (from 3000 scans to 30000!), just by replacing Java's LinkedList class with a custom made (read: as simple as they get) double-linked list. My advice: never use the Java collection classes in a time critical inner loop, they are slow as hell! Anyway, if the movement rewrite goes as well as the targeting, I hope to release a new and improved version of Tron in the next few weeks. Coming soon to a Robocode Arena near you! :)
(2003-05-24) v1.5 released
Better than ever melee performance, had it's first win (followed closely by DT) in a 5000 round battle today. I'm going in circles with 1on1, should be better against some opponents, worse against others (slightly better overall, I hope)... need some new targeting idea here, I'm happy with the movement for now. Data saving between battles postponed again.
(2003-04-29) CL Ranking
#1 in the Champions League ranking, and, just noticed it, melee highscore!
(2003-04-27) v1.4's first EternalRumble results
1st melee, 3rd 1on1(!), can you imagine the smile on my face right now? :)
(2003-04-25) v1.4 released
100% Tron-like 1on1 movement, hard to hit, I hope ;). My first (serious) entry as a 1on1 competitor, comments welcome....