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Who am i?

My name is Marcos Machado Coelho de Souza, i was born in Japan 1970, but i am a typical brazilian - Grandparents portuguese + italian (actually, being a typical brazilian means any combination in at least of a dozen original countries: portugal, italy, germany, japan, africa, sweden, native brasilians(indians, being political and geografically incorretct), etc...).

I am a Java Programmer, doing this for my living. I describe myself as a soul-programmer, i really enjoy to sit behind a keyboard and hit its keys as if was Mozart composing (wish u understand what am i saying). Thats probably the major reason of my interest in Robocode. That and the fascination on making a machine that "thinks" (Probably all RoboCoders enjoy that little god-like sensation - anything serious i hope :-) ).


Axe(english) == Machado(portuguese). Nick for Marcos Machado Coelho de Souza (now u know why i like short nicks).

Personal Data:

Nationality: Brazilian.
Birth: april 23, 1970 - Tokyo - Japan.
Living in Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil.
MSN messenger:
Orkut page:

My Bots:

wiki.SilverFist (co-author with PEZ)