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I'm a beginner robocoder that was introduced to java programming in March 2013. I'm usually called beastbots, without the 101(some confusion there!). The reason I'm stuck with the 101 is actually quite funny. I made the account BeastBots one day, but forgot the password later. Darn! I went with BeastBots101.

Check out my bots:

  • Eagle- A minimum risk movement melee bot
    • Twin duel spin off of Eagle- EagleTwin, for the team EagleTwins
  • Fusion- A Multi-Mode micro rambot with linear targeting. Not as competitive as I hoped. 620 roborumble
  • NightBird- Tiny code size random movement nanobot with linear targeting. Probably would go around 800 in roborumble.
  • Pegasus- Mirror mover with circular targeting. 776 in roborumble.
  • Panther- Newest bot released, October 18th. Minibot with modified wave surfing, newbie level. -note: this bot is closed source.

unreleased bots

  • Starship- Unreleased wave surfer with guess factor targeting
  • StarshipGT- Same as Starship but with go to style surfing, like in DrussGT(I should probably change the name)
  • Jupiter- Unreleased melee bot
  • JupiterNano- Unreleased pattern matcher with a gun from WeekendObsession
  • MicroBoss- random movement microbot
  • Phantom- Another mega, random movement