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This is the rumble page for my New 800x800 one-on-one 3 round brawl. The server can be found here and I am going to be redirecting one of my clients for this rumble.

This is not a 'just throw all the same robots as in the old rumble here' page. This rumble is specifically only for new robots or for robots wanting to test themselves in a quick learning rumble.

I ask that you disable data saving, as it somewhat defeats the purpose of a quick-learning rumble.

Keep in mind the changed field size of 800x800, this is not the same as the normal rumble and some robots may need to be adjusted.

Sample configuration file: Configuration

cs.ExclusionNano 1.1, 1.1,
cs.s2.Seraphim 2.0.10,
nat.nano.Ocnirp 1.73,