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Roboflight is a programming game planned as a spiritual successor to robocode. The name might change once it gets further along.

From Demo 20130214

They still look a good bit like that.

This is the second draft of roboflight. I have a solid idea where I want this to go.

In case you want to take a peek at what I have been up, you can get the latest release here.

If you find a problem, be sure to submit an Issue on GitHub.

You can find the Source Here.

A lot of missing features have been added since then, and in a relatively short period of time. Well relatively, anyway, I stopped working on it for a good while. I jumped back into this about a week ago, and I tackled the harder problems first, like sandboxing and threading, and jar loading. I have been doing C for so long, it's nice to get back to Java.