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About Me

I learned about robocode while doing a middle school report on artificial intelligence in 2009 and was very active between 2009 and 2012. I mostly work on making nanos/micros and I like to make robots that have different or unusual strategies. I also wrote a lot of the Super Sample Bots, a set of robots created with the goal of being good for beginners to learn from.

My Robots

Caligula - A nanobot that tries to beat weak bots badly instead of actually being strong. It was the first to use the bullet dodging/ramming combo that is seen in a few top nanos nowadays.

Capulet - A micro melee bot that tries very hard to take one of the field's corners. Capulet was my first truly competitive bot and it held down the micro melee throne until Wallaby came along.

CapuletDroid - A nano-sized droid version of Capulet.

Claudius - A scaled-up version of Caligula that forgoes the last-ditch ramming in favor of random movement.

Corsair - A nano melee bot using oscillator movement and distance control.

Fuatisha - An adaptive-movement nano PM bot that is the inverse of Caligula - it doesn't get the best APS, but it's one of the hardest nanos to get more than 50% against. The current nano PWIN champ.

MagicD3 - A Dynamic Clustering micro, competing with Cannon to be the best DC micro.

Maui - A micro-sized wavesurfer inspired by one of my favorite bots, WaveShark. Unfortunately its not nearly as good as kev's version.

Mercutio - A micro melee bot with a fun melee movement based on dodging HOT and LT.

PricklyPear - A mega with extremely simple wavesurfing and guessfactor targeting but a lot of other tricks up it's sleeve.

SavantMicro - A micro based on my adaptive-movement nano SavantVS. One of my favorite movements to watch in action.

SavantWS - Not competitive in the slightest, but it has nano-sized wavesurfing (kind of).