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I am a Turkish student in high school, probably the smallest one here. When I first saw robocode it was very interesting. I looked at Diamond and Shadow, they were moving without hitting walls, staying perpendicularly and firing. Robocode was super. Only problem was java which I didn't know anything about. My first robot was just moving in squares(Would be a perfect sample bot: SquareBot). I slowly improved from that day to today.


I will only write my current bots here because I can't write about 45 bots.

My first competitive NN bot. Uses Roboneural. Reached a ranking of 55 with only 1 predictor for both movement and gun.
Very clean code so I won't leave this bot for a long time. My best NN bot. I try new things here.
Tried to do pattern matching but it resulted in something like segmented PIF gun.
Single-tick segmented PIF gun. random direction stop'n go movement. Fights very close.


See /Thoughts on targeting for Targeting.