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I am a Turkish student in high school, probably the smallest one here. My programming teacher had shown me robocode and the first video I saw was a 10 round battle between Diamond and Shadow. They were moving perpendicular to each other not hitting walls and shooting randomly. Robocode was the game which forced me to learn java. I started by just using the robocode's command and made robots which were very simple bots. My biggest goal was to beat Walls by that time but of course I have improved myself at robocode in 2 years(Not even sure of that).


I have actually made about fifty bots and most of them are unreleased and some of them are retired.

My first competitive NN bot. Uses Roboneural. Reached a ranking of 55 with only 1 predictor for both movement and gun.
Oculus reached a ranking of 35 but was later removed temporarily since it was too slow.
WhiteFang is my third robot to be released. It's now in top 10 after tons of work and tuning.


See /Thoughts on targeting for Targeting.


See /MEA

Robot Names That You Can Use

  • Parallax
  • Tempus
  • Inferno

For Fun

Being SittingDuck against: Enemy's gun is very strong.
Usage: Walls is SittingDuck against Tomcat.