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My name is Doruk Sekercioglu. I am a 13 years old Turkish student in primary school. Doing robocode as a hobby. I started robocode last year and I thought that head-on targeting was the best targeting method and circling around the enemy was the best movement because head-on targeting couldn't hit it =). I am checking the wiki like 6 times a week and improving my bots.

My Bots

Extends Robot

Extends Robot, Spin Gun, Square movement
(My plan was to make this bot beat every bot but I thought that the only bots were the sample bots) Extends Robot, Smarter Ramming
I saw Diamond vs Shadow on Youtube and I said "Wow I should make a robot like this" Result: Fire, Go back, Go ahead, Fire again

There are like 25 other bot I will skip them.

Advanced Robots

Golem, Cyclops, Phoenix, DeadKnight
All of them keeps the track of enemy energy and moves to dodge
M103, T62A, Obj742?(I don't remember)
All of them circles the enemy and fires at the enemy.
I thought that nobody could hit any of them(I thought that Diamond and Shadow was firing randomly =))

After Downloading Rapture

Rapture is not a very strong bot (601 currently) but it had pattern matching and just beat my bots in a second. Then everything changed about robocode.

Some sort of random movement, Tried to do linear targeting. UNRELEASED
My first bot in the rumble bot but I needed to wait for 5 months to put it into roborumble because I didn't know how to.

(Thanks very much to Beaming and Skilgannon they helped me a lot) Tomahawk used DC-PIF for everything but I didn't normalised the weights so while distance was weighted 1200; velocity was 16.

Good Bots

My first good bot. I wrote the whole code on my own but I used Rednaxela's 3rd gen Kd-tree.

Best Ranking: 114

Simple bot set on BasicGFSurfer with a DC-GF Gun and Segmented VCS movement.

Best Ranking: 86

Neural bot set on BasicGFSurfer with a MLP Gun and a MLP Movement.

Best Ranking: 101 (When using KNN)

NN bot set on Havoc with a NN special to robocode. My current bot.

Best Ranking: 120

VCS bot which I made from modular BasicGFSurfer. Creates random VCS predictors.

Best Ranking: 67(Because of a performance enhancing coding mistake)


Roboneural: There are Neural Networks designed for robocode in this project and SwordOfFire uses it.
Grapher2D: Using an Auto Encoder, this bot will try to show the 5D movement profile in 2D.