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I'm a software engineer based in the US, doing .NET development focusing in performance optimization, particularly when large amounts of data are involved. When I don't get enough problem solving in my day job, I turn to other projects like Robocode. I've started many bots over the years but have yet to finish or release one. Maybe having a user page will help force me? Time will tell.

Works in Progress


Milestone 1

  • Heavily decoupled code base
    • Interface-base implementation
    • Uses messaging between components
  • 1v1 Only
  • Anti-gravity shrapnel dodging
  • Circular, linear, HOT targeting

Milestone 2

  • State machine controlled movement and targeting
    • Multi-mode, but strictly upgrades in sophistication
    • Incorporate special "escape" cases like anti-ramming
  • Virtual bullets
  • Wave surfing
  • Dynamic clustering targeting

Milestone 3

  • Implement ITeamRobot
    • Reuses messaging system
  • Team-specific coordinated actions
  • Bullet shadows, bomb sheltering

Milestone 4

  • Melee battle support
  • Melee-specific movement and targeting styles

Milestone 5

  • Pre-trained movement classification
  • Anti-surfing neural net