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Developer and Administrator of Robocode

I have taken over the development of Robocode after Mathew Nelson (the original author), who stopped developing on Robocode after it was released as Open Source in the beginning of 2005 with Robocode v1.0.7. I started continuing the development of Robocode in July 2006.

I work with Robocode in my sparetime where I do my best to keep Robocode current, put it new features without breaking compability with old robots, and of course fix bugs. I am doing some concept robots, but none that I ever upload to the community. I have chosen to focus on the game itself, rather than making the most advanced robot ever. It would steal too much time from developing on the game.

Some of my goals have been to integrate other commonly used applications and features etc. into Robocode. For example, RoboRumble is one example of an application that has been integrated into Robocode, the Codesize tool is another, the graphical debug feature from RobocodeSG a third, and so on. This way the user only has to download and install one application (Robocode), which contains everything needed.