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Yeah, DeamingRobot. I called it this because it do not come out easily (and many generation, too). Here a list of bot I was planned to implements this:

  • Starting with BlackHole. (became a testbot)
  • Then BlackHole v2.
  • Pallas, Juno...
  • Galaxy
  • Irene (became Asteroid Framework)
  • and few other.

Yes, my folder include a ton of uncompleted robot (about 15% done for each robot). I'll write my plan here (It adapt for several generation now)

  • GoTo Surfing.
    • Much like DrussGT but I'll try to add option to stop, and when wave get closer, start moving again.
  • Crazy Buffer System. (for Movement)
    • ... was already mentioned in BlackHole v2. It have several buffer with difference stats calculation (e.g. AntiSurfer Buffer, Normal Buffer, Circular buffer ...) And merge together by ...
  • Crowd Movement.
    • I think of this in BlackHole v2 but I don't know what it actually called.
  • Melee Surfing
    • I think of this for a long time.
  • Precise Bot Width.
    • Nothing special.
  • Multiple System (same as Rednaxela's Singularity)
    • Pair NN/DC/VCS/PM with PIF/GF
  • Crowd Targeting.
    • Have every pair of Multiple System plus ABO and Angular.
  • Fast!
  • And killed Shadow!

There a lot more, but it lost somewhere in my brain... =) » Nat | Talk » 13:38, 2 April 2009 (UTC)