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ePeen This user stores his epeen in 18 separate safety deposit boxes across the country so they cannot form a giant epeen robot and threaten the world.
??? This user has the second ever userboxes on RoboWiki. Phbbbt to AaronR.
oh noes! This user was unemployed for nearly 7 months in 2007.

Martin Pedersen (pee-dr-sin)

Subsections: /Bookmarks - /Code Samples


I was born in '73, so I am not as ancient as GrubbmGait. I've been programming since I was around 10, when monitors were monochrome, and the Apple II was hot stuff. I started programming seriously when working for my father at 15, evolving from BASIC to dBase III to C++. Then I got a job at CalTrans doing C++, picked up Java a couple jobs later in 2000, and have been doing Java since. A friend mentioned Robocode to me circa October of 2005, and I've been addicted ever since. I take a break from time to time.

One bit of advice my friend imparted was to not look at other people's code. It took the fun out of it once he started peeking. And so, aside from the occasional bug help for a new robocoder, I don't look at code implementations from other people, just ideas. Exceptions to this are cited below.



I certainly don't hate any bot authors, but I sure hate the bots they produce. When I started coding, the most active bot authors were GrubbmGait, Loki, Corbos, and Wcsv, with their bots GrubbmGrb, Freya, Chomsky, and Stampede2, respectively. The day I could beat Freya 0.31 in duels was a good day. I never did beat it consistently in melee.


While I take pride in my code being of my own design, some implementations are very close to the illustrations or suggestions of others.