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About Me

I'm a 16-year-old teenager from Hungary. I've started Robocode in the early summer of 2008 and I've become an addict in no time. ;)

Works at the moment

Until now I've been dealing with 1-on-1 NanoBots and MicroBots. If you want to write me a mail here it is:
My brand new homepage:

Nano experiments

  • Adaptive Oscillator Movement: It's a successful experimental movement. It's a simple sin-based oscillator movement which adjusts its frequency to achieve the best score. The newest version is very effective as Pugio 1.49 is the 4th in the rumble at the moment.

As the 2nd and 3rd bot is based on the same idea, I can say that AOM is the 3rd best nano technology to date. :D

  • Universal StopNGo: Now it's an inactive research, but there is place to develop. Vespa 0.95 (16th) uses it.
  • Superb bullet dodger: Movement that reacts exactly at the time of fire with two modes: back-forth/one-direction. Mosquito (29th) and MosquitoPM (12th) use it.
  • Anti-Pattern Matcher Movement: I have an experiment bot that matches itself and trying to avoid that match. It's quite good but not better than other random movements at present. None of my robots use it in the rumble.

Code snippets

My Bots

  • Breeze: My first real nanoBot. Oscillator movement + linear/random gun. Ranking: last third in rumble.
  • THe_DaRK_BRoTHeR:This is an unsuccesful trying of mirror movement. It chooses aiming methods with a home-made inversion-based targeting selector algorithm. (it sounds good, doesn't it?) ;) Ranking: retired.
  • Assertive: Top 25 pattern matcher with unique movement.
  • Scytodes: Another good NanoBot, with Stop And Go movement. I'm thinking of it's retiring, but it's a good testbot, though. Anyway, top 30.
  • Pugio: My kind test bot of Adapting Oscillator Movement, my new idea. The newest version is very good as it's 4th. (but I plan to make it 1st ;))
  • Mosquito: My new direction-based dodger movement with a simple linear gun. Top 30.
  • Prestige: This is my PM bot designed against other top-bots. Except Ocnirp and MobyNano it beats all of them. :) Anyway, it's top 25. ;)
  • MosquitoPM: I managed to pack Simonton's PM gun into Mosquito! Only distancing and turn-trick were deleted, but come on, it's only 1.0. ;) Top 10.
  • Kirbyi: My first micro. It has a nice random movement and Mosquito's bullet-dodger code. Currently top 30 micro, top 200 general.
  • Quartz: Another micro with many crafty tweaks. I worked a lot with its random movement. It's quite good, but the weak bullet-dodger code and the inaccurate gun pulls down his ranking. Top 35.
  • Gladius: My best micro at the moment. Practically the bigger brother of Pugio. It uses a common GF-gun and a highly improved AOM movement (it chooses frequencies according to statistics).

Plans for the future

  • Create a maximum-movement minimum-targeting nano. (it's Mosquito)
  • Make a top 1 nano (in progress...) ;)
  • Improve AOM
  • Squeeze multi-gun code and make a good nano on it (it's not so good compared to its codesize, an average gun worths much more)
  • Learn GuessFactor Targeting and WaveSurfing
  • Make a good micro (I think Kirbyi is good)
  • Make a very good micro
  • Make a good mini
  • Make a good mega
  • Make good melee bots in the same categories
  • Make a good team
  • Invent something historical in Robocode :P
  • Write articles about my ideas