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I joined the robowiki on 11/24/2012.
So far, I have released only nanobots and microbots, but my overall goal is to have a robot in the top 1% of every division of the Roborumble (including Melee and Teams).

I started Robocode with very little programming experience (only some very basic stuff in C#). I learned very much about Robocode (and Java/programming in general) from this wiki and other open source robots.

I am talented at shrinking Codesize. If anyone has codesize issues, please post your code on the wiki, and I will try to help.

My One on One robots are named after elements of dueling (mostly modern western fencing). I plan to name my Melee bots after songs by the Canadian progressive rock band, Rush. I may name my team robots after the works of Joss Whedon.

My released robots (in order of creation):

Many more will come (eventually).