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Extends Human
Released 2003
Current Version 1.0


Hi, I'm a high school sophomore from America. My father introduced me to Robocode a few years ago. However, I didn't know about the RoboWiki at that time. My robots could beat some of the sample robots, but they could never beat Walls =(

I learned some basic java syntax and went back to robocode, and, of course, I found the RoboWiki =)

Now my new robots can beat Walls, and I like to think they are fairly competitive =)

I currently don't have that many robots, but more shall come!


SquirmyToad - A NanoBot that uses a pattern matching gun and random movement. Currently #9 in the NanoRumble.

ButtHead - A NanoBot that head-butts the enemy. Currently #5 in the NanoRumble.

Basilite - A MicroBot using pattern matching and stop and go/random movement. Ranking: TBD

Basilisk - A MiniBot that uses guessfactor targeting and stop and go/random movement. Currently #5 in the MiniRumble.