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*Our first nanobot: [[Kitten]]
*Our first nanobot: [[Kitten]]
*Our first nano melee bot: [[Omen]]
*Our first nano melee bot: [[Omen]]
*A second nano, mostly experimental: [[Imitator]]
*A second nano, mostly experimental: [[CopyKat]]

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About Us

Spinnercat is the username for 2 different bot authors, who work together on bots. We are students at the same high school, and first learned about Robocode through our Java class, in May of 2009. We worked together on our first robot, Robovirus, to use in the final project. Needless to say, we went above and beyond what was expected of us, which was to be able to beat all of the sample bots. We hope to continue to branch out into the Robocode world, exploring better movement and targeting systems.

Our goals are: By the end of the summer, 2009:

  • Top 100 Melee Bot
  • Top 100 General Bot
  • Some entry in the top 50% in Nano (Melee & 1v1)
  • Some sort of team thing.



  • Our first nanobot: Kitten
  • Our first nano melee bot: Omen
  • A second nano, mostly experimental: CopyKat