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== Background ==
== Background ==
26 year old computer guy; I periodically turn to RoboCode when <strike>I want to make sure I can still program</strike> the need to program can't be staved off any longer.
Computer guy; I periodically turn to RoboCode when the itch strikes.
== Bots ==
== Bots ==

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Gender.gif This user is male.
C This user is physically dependent on Carbon.
INTP This user has tested as INTP on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment.
Pidgin.png This user chats on AIM and other networks with Pidgin.
OSC This user is a fan of Orson Scott Card.
WavesurfingIcon.gif This user can wavesurf.
Eclipse-application-icon.gif This user Develops his bots with IBM's Eclipse.


Computer guy; I periodically turn to RoboCode when the itch strikes.



I submitted j.SynapticBot 2+ to the original rumble in the beginner class. SynapticBot reached the semi-finals [1], where it was bested by Ares, the Beginner class winner. Overall, it ranked 5th in the Beginner class.

More information on implementation details is at the SynapticBot main page.


Watermelon is retired now; it provides the foundation for Geomancy.


My current bot is Geomancy. It uses autoselected segmentation for surfing and shooting.


Development rewrite of Geomancy from the ground up. I've learned a lot about Java with Geomancy and I think I can rewrite its basic structure in a way that will make further development much simpler.


Doesn't exist yet, but if I ever make a mini, micro, or nano, this will be its name.