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I've begun an expansion of Nat's Movement Predictor which will hopefully include:

  • precise MEAs (predict as far laterally from HOT as possible, smoothing against wall, take into account farthest bot corner for final angle calc.)
  • forward/stop/back orbit around a center point for TrueSurfers, including:
    • a pluggable prediction stop condition Object [already done] (not everyone decides a wave has broken at the same time)
    • a pluggable radius control Object (not everyone alters their turn angle to control distance in the same way)
  • Nat's code already has almost everything needed to Precise Predict for a GoTo surfer, I think I'll just add a wrapper method to allow directly plugging in a battlefield coordinate.

This is essentially done in deBroglie rev108. I hope to do some testing to see if everything is working properly.