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Youtube has a video of Voidious and Riker in action: click here to watch

I'm a 32 year old Software Engineer, dog lover, and admitted former recurring Robocode addict. I took a stab at Robocode in late 2002 just before starting my college career, but never got much past Linear Targeting and some attempts at Random Movement. I took another look in Fall of 2005, and in less than a week, I was completely hooked!

I'm currently in charge of the RoboWiki, handed the reigns by PEZ in 2007. It's truly a whole community that keeps this site alive, though, so I just do my best to help make that possible.

I'm also...


These days I spend most of my recreational coding time working on a new programming game I developed: BerryBots (Mac, Linux, Windows, and Raspberry Pi). It has some pretty cool stuff, like walls, torpedos, programmable stages, HTML5 replays, and a pretty snazzy control API.

My bots

All my bots are open source. Older ones are under RWPCL. Diamond and RetroGirl are under zlib.

Active Bots

Other or retired bots

  • Shaakious - An experimental duelist, named after Shaak Ti. Used the movement from Dookious and a pretty strong (for the time) Pattern Matching gun. Retired / abandoned.
  • Tyranius - A cross of the Wave Surfing movement from Dookious and the amazing targeting of Ascendant. Version 1.0 hit a rating of 2092, over 10 points ahead of Dookious at the #1 spot at the time.
  • Lukious - Built from the shell of Dookious, Lukious is a duelist that uses Dynamic Clustering for data analysis in both movement and targeting. Retired after the release of Diamond.
  • KomariousTeam - A Twin Duel team based on my mini surfer, Komarious. Started out as a very average team, but I left it in the tourney for the sake of variety. Then David Alves came along and tweaked it a bit, making it a very strong competitor for a while. Still a Twin Duel entrant, but I don't work on it.
  • Codious - A melee / team bot (only melee was ever released), using Minimum Risk Movement and the same (but differently configured) Pattern Matching gun as Shaakious. Never found much success. Retired.
  • TripHammer - This started as a k-means clustering gun experiment, but is now the companion bot to WaveSim and code name for some of my 1v1 gun work.


  • RoboRunner - A multi-threaded Robocode battle runner. Designed to be easier to setup and faster than RoboResearch.
  • WaveSim - A utility for testing gun classification algorithms against pre-gathered data sets outside of Robocode. Includes data collecting bots, testing infrastructure, and source for everything.
  • BedMaker - A Perl script for generating test beds from a set of criteria. Designed as a companion to RoboResearch, also compatible with RoboRunner.
  • LocationBot - A helper bot for testing Precise Prediction code.

Other stuff

  • Twin Duel - A 2v2, Code Size restricted survivalist competition that I once ran weekly. The tourney consists of a round robin where everyone faces each other in round robin preliminary matches to determine the seeding for a traditional, single elimination bracket tourney. This hasn't been run for a while, but it might be coming back soon.
  • Segmentation Research - Some machine learning methodologies applied to finding good segmentation slices in targeting.
  • Innovations since 2005 - Tired of hearing so many Robocode newcomers complain that there's nothing new to be invented/discovered in the Robocode arena, I started compiling a list of notable innovations since the advent of Wave Surfing in 2005.

Where did you get that handle?

Once upon a time, my handle was "Void". (If you were around at the dawn of FPS internet gaming, you might even remember me from PlanetQuake.) Actually, before that, my Quake news site was called "The Void" and people thought it was my handle, so I adopted it.

One night, around the time of Star Wars: Episode I, a group of friends and I used Star Wars riffs on our handles while gaming, as a joke. I was "Darth Voidious", and I occasionally used it as an alternate handle when gaming online. Eventually, "Voidious" stuck, and the gaming scene got far too big for "Void" to be a unique handle... So at some later point, I returned from a gaming hiatus and used "Voidious" exclusively from then on.