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Hubris seems a promising entry, especially when it will be capable of fighting in a team. I noticed that Hubris is a Java6 bot, as my client lets it loose by 350-0. I think it is time to upgrade my Java from 5 to 6, because my exclude list is becoming quite big now. I also noticed that User:Pedersen/Ugluk has passed GrubbmGrb. Maybe it is an idea to make a final update of GrubbmGrb and find out where the limit of a non-surfing, non-GF, non-DC, non-PM bot really is. GrubbmGait 12:56, 13 February 2008 (UTC)

I had made a note of the Java 6 compilation with the first posting to the Rumble, but I ran into a few issues and made reposts. Apparently you cannot use greek characters in your versions and have it work in the roborumble@home mechanism. It displays in the client, though it is a ? in the bot console. Then I noticed seriously low scores against some opponents and realized that I'd left the profiles active for historically troublesome opponents .. only at present the movements they use are not all functional. Hence the Beta 2 release. I haven't released a bot in about a year, so I was lucky to only flop once.

At present Hubris can fight as a team with other bots. It is a boolean away from sending every message it receives to the bot console. It presently broadcasts its position, enemy scans, bullets fired, and enemy waves detected. Anyone wishing to test their communication with it is able to as is.

I'd love to see another version of GrubbmGrb. It is still my competitor of choice for testing. It's not really fair though since I've been using guess factor style targeting for the past two years. I'm usually beating 1.2.4 by about 1000 points in local tests. But that's when things are working. When he clobbers me, I get to go bug hunting.

I've been dragging my feet for a while now on the movement code. There are two main parts: deciding where to go, and deciding how to get there. My favorite movement style is flawed, and my get-there algorithm is a simple substitute for the real work I want to do. I'm finding it hard to concentrate on the entire picture. Well, back to work... -- Martin

Hubris Beta 2 gives strange behaviour on my machine. In the rumble it gives very low scores (like 6200 to 200 loss against deewiant.Anomaly)and when I checked in my dev-environment, the only thing it did was running in very small circles. No messages were outputted to the console and the radar was turning continuously. I'll exclude it for now. Note that I just updated to Java6_03. GrubbmGait 01:54, 14 February 2008 (UTC)

Definitely odd. On the other hand it has a 45% average across 14 battles vs. the latest abc.Shadow, so it's doing something right somewhere. I just tested the beta 2 bot vs. Anomaly 0.2 and it scored 3366 to 1589 on Robocode 1.5.2. Dunno what to tell ya. I've fixed some minor bugs during the day, but Beta 2 was still pretty strong. -- Martin