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Author(s) PEZ
Extends AdvancedRobot
Targeting GuessFactor Targeting
Movement Wave Surfing
Current Version 2rho.01b
Code License RWPCL


Outrank RaikoMX! - Accomplished September 29 2004 - by a margin!

Design metaphore


CassiusClay (pet name CC) is a One on One specialist that uses the following main techniques:

I try to keep CC competitive. I want it to pass RaikoMX in the RoboRumble/Rankings (OneOnOne) and ultimately I would very much like for it to become #1, if only for a day. September 29 2004 it even reached #1. Now can everyone stop robocoding!! =)

CC is named from the best Pugilist ever, Mohammed Ali - It was he who uttered the words used for CC's design metaphore mentioned above.


See: /UpdateHistory


  • June 23 2004 CC version collected 2049 rating points in the RoboRumble and was #2 in rank. Less than 10 points beind #1 RaikoMX.
  • September 29 2004 CC version collected 2070 rating points in the RoboRumble and was #1 in rank. Almost 10 points ahead of RaikoMX.

See /UpdateHistory for a trace on the different version and their ratings.

Open Source

CC is Open Source. Released under the terms of the RWPCL. The source is always included in the bot distribution package. I never comment my bot code though. (Figuring that if I need comments in my bot code I have made things too complicated anyway.) CC is grown from a MiniBot (Pugilist) which makes some of the code pretty opaque. But it is very little code in total so it should be possible to follow for anyone setting their minds to it.

I'm hoping people will use my code to try build competitive bots. Don't be afraid to try building bots that beat CassiusClay with my code as a start. I love competition. It's a major component of what makes my whole being tick. I also love creds. If you do use my code or get inspired by it. Please tell me on this page. Please read and understand the RWPCL before looking at the code though. Axe said something about keeping the information flowing. I totally and utterly agree.

RobocodeGL Version

(Deprecated, starting with version 2rho.02a you can just click the Paint button in the log window for CassiusClay and it will start graphing.)

You can still check the /GL page of course. =)

Known Bugs

  • CC is letting itself getting cornered and killed by WSCBotA now and then. I'm not too worried about that bug since stationary bots are so rare in the rumble.
  • Worse is that WSCBotA now and then succeeds in hitting CC with a power 3 bullet. (CC rates a wave's danger not only by inverse travel time, but also by the bullet power, meaning it's not a bug if WSCBotA hits it with a ChaseBullet now and then. Which it also does.) Currently I think WSCBotA hits CC with two power 3 bullets / 1000 rounds or so on average. I will not relax until I have found this bug!
    • Well, I have rested and I haven't yet fully nailed that bug...
  • As of version I think I have observed a new bug. It's in the gun. Some rounds CC wastes the first bullet by firing it pointing backwards from the enemy. I'm ot 100% sure it's new. But I haven't obesrved it before and the new execution setup of .98 could have triggered it. If someone observes this and have the slightest clue what could be causing it. Please let me know.

Help requests

When I need help I'll let you know about it here: =)