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My first draft bot, with GuessFactorTargeting based on the tutorial and my own dive-bombing (spiraling and circling) movement wins 15% of the time against Marshmallow 1.9.7 and 55% of the time against Grinnik 0.6, based on one 100-round battle against each. I'm very pleased with this and am anxious to continue development. I'll be officially releasing Mark I of my first bot next Wednesday. -- 18-Jun-08 Excession


  • Excession/FearsomeEngine First bot. Under construction. Really. I need something by June 18th for a Robocode tournament, but as I don't anticipate my bot being properly ready by then, I'll just call whatever I've got by then Stillborn and declare it 1.0.


Drones are test bots I've coded to assist me in developing bots proper. Of course I use the sample bots and other known and available bots, but these drones are programming practice for me and they do certain specific things that I want to be able to practice against.

  • Excession/DiveBomber A drone that spirals in towards and then circles its enemy and fires pot shots. Fun to watch and beats most of the sample bots and the occasional mega bot too. (Was called Excession/SpiralCircle.)


Robocode developer since, um, 2008.

I set up a user page on the old wiki [1] but I think I'll prefer this wiki.