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Youtube has a video of Musashi Trick in action: click here to watch
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The Musashi Trick means circling around the opponent (turning perpendicular to it and moving forward continuously). If the opponent robot uses Head-On Targeting, its shots will simply pass behind you, allowing you to achieve high scores against them.

Proper implementations of the Musashi Trick involve Wall Smoothing, Distancing, and choosing when to reverse direction. Without such techniques, your bot may become stuck or bash itself around corners, resulting in a quick death.

Of course, the "trick" is not simply circling the enemy. The trick is attempting the circling movement first, and then falling back to a more advanced movement (e.g. Random Movement) if it fails. This boosts scores against HOT targeters (as much as 90%+ scores), while performing just as well against advanced targeters.

The Musashi Trick was invented by Axe, with his robot Musashi.