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This page can serve as a simple list of current issues, discussions, tournaments, or anything else going on in the Robocode / RoboWiki community.

On the old wiki, people just viewed the Changes page for this functionality, but we'll have this page here for now and see if people like it. Especially with the migration going on as we settle in here, it might be tough to use the Changes page the way we used to.

  • Migration: First and foremost, we need to migrate content over from the old wiki! We can use this page to make help stay organized with how we're doing things at the new wiki.
  • Stubs: As part of the Migration, many too-short articles (stubs) are being created. You can help out by marking and expanding these pages. Also look at Template:Cleanup and Articles Requiring Revision.
  • File Uploads: Uploads are now enabled. A picture is worth a thousand lines of code, so please contribute media and add images to pages! If you think a page needs more images or examples, use Template:NeedsMedia.