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Author(s) Kawigi
Targeting Guess Factor Targeting
Movement Sandbox Flattener + a little secret...
Current Version 0.9.2

A MegaBot by Kawigi. The result of testing and research done through FloodMini, Teancum, and Barracuda. For more information, see /Hype and /OldHype (which is a pretty amusing page, as well as the /Profile page).

If you're wondering what has been added to it over time, check /VersionHistory


  • version 0.7
    • I think it's good. But *turns into the Reading Rainbow guy* don't take my word for it. You can also get the opinions on this subject from StatistRobot and FloodMini on the /Profile page.
  • version 0.8
    • Looking good. Much simpler, but I don't think it's any less 'elite', and the simplicity pays off against most of the bots I was previously having problems with. Of course, it doesn't pay off with others (I miss some of my old guns against some other robots). Version 0.8 has more dimensions, though -
      • In OneOnOne, it is a potential top-10 robot in my book.
      • In Melee, it is a potential top-20 robot and RO Pro League contender
      • In Teams, it is close to even (maybe even slightly better) with Phalanx and DemoniacNimrods, loses pitifully against TroodonPack and SandboxDTTeam, but beats the other teams I've tried pretty strongly.
    • Opens the EternalRumble at #9 in melee, and (drum roll please...) #2!!!! in 1-on-1! Woo-hoo! This makes me half a place below Tron overall I suppose. I actually beat SandboxDT by more than 1000 points total over the 100 rounds we fought, but I lost to Chameleon. I barely stayed over CigaretBH and FloodMini, and also lost to Gouldingi, GlowBlow, and Jekyl, and a by a little to some others over 10 rounds. We'll see if this all lasts. The first version of FloodHT caused Amarok some problems, so this was FloodHT's debut on the ER.
    • Also beats SandboxDT and opens second only to SandboxDT in the Robocode Outpost Pro 1-on-1 division, season 12. Meanwhile, it didn't qualify for the Pro melee division, but it won Semi-pro bracket 1 by a reasonable amount, glowing in the bullet damage and kill bonus categories, and being the last man standing 18 times. I'm a little surprised that HawkOnFire didn't place better, he looked like my toughest competition.
      • Placed 2nd again in season 13 and 3rd (behind Fhqwhgads - that was a pleasant treat) in season 14, beating SandboxDT yet again. I'm like one of those birds that sit on the hippopotamus of SandboxDT, just out of his reach to annoy him.


It's name was thought up long ago, when I was trying to tweak out my test bot, SandboxFlattener's movement to give SandboxDT 1.61 a hard time. The HT part stands for "Hit This", I direct answer to SandboxDT's "Dodge This" challenge. The Flood name came from my thoughts on what would flatten out a lump in a sandbox better than anything. You got it. Water. That's what keeps the beach so flat.