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I started robocoding when there were only a dozen or so bots in existence. I find it quite amazing that bots just keep getting better, I thought the limit had been reached several times over.

I used to run the MiniBotChallenge competition.

I have produced lots of bots, here I mention my favourites:

  • Relativity - my one-time hope for a champion bot
  • Saturn - new thinking (for me at least) with a circling movement along secants, improved on Relativity's firing to hit bullet dodgers better
  • Neptune - new ideas both in firing and in movement
  • FallingLeaf and FallingLeafRobot - fun comparison between a Robot and an AdvancedRobot on the same basic idea. I really should hack FallingLeaf into a NanoBot some day...
  • CherryBlossom - The beatifully coded (IMHO) MiniBot version of Neptune's laser combined with FallingLeaf's successful movement. Did really well in Qohnil's 1-on-1 ratings and MiniBot one-on-one.
  • HaikuBots - Not my creation at all, a spin-off of the now discontinued PicoBot class. With the race to produce the smallest efficient bot I noticed that they all had a similar structure: just four lines of active code and they all embrace one simple idea in robocoding = very similar to haiku poetry.
  • Iapetus - first pattern matcher fit into a MicroBot. Ruled micro one-on-one for a few weeks.
  • Pandora - my PerceptualBot, beat all other perceptual bots on survival last time I checked.
  • PandorasBox - the NanoBot version of Pandora (but not perceptual any more) - Make me proud, you sweet little thing!

I should also mention that I made Pluto which placed fourth in the Intermediate category of the Robocode Rumble (categories were divided on Java experience, which perhaps was a bit weird). Pluto is not a "finished" bot (check the output window when it wins), just a step on the way to Fusion which has good ideas, but not the perfect execution of them. Fusion was donated to an open-source project, the FusionFramework , then I got "stuck" in MiniBots.

/Inspiration - Did Tobe inspire you?