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About Me

Started robocode when I was at university (10 years ago) but went on hiatus for a long while. Now i'm a professional programmer working in the games industry with 5 released titles under my belt.


AgentSmith is my current development robot, sitting around 200th in the rumble at time of writing, but lots planned for it.

Originally my only released robot was Warlord. Currently sitting mid table at around 400th in the rumble, when it was first released many moons ago it was relatively competitive (top 50).


I'm getting back into robocode now with my years of knowledge of programming professionally under my belt and will see how I well I can do now. Working on a new bot called AgentSmith. Its a name I used for one of my many test bots but its being written from the ground up this time and with the best intention to release it this time! :)