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Contains information about how to get/download robots.


Downloading other Robots

You're not alone writing robots! There are thousands of robots other people have written that you can download and battle with. Warning: Some of them are extremely tough to beat! There is a wide variety of robots available with all sorts of different strategies. It's up to you to go get them, try them out, and learn from them.

Most of the robots are available at the popular Robocode website Robocode Repository, and other robots that take part in the RoboRumble can be found via the URL listed in the list of RoboRumble Participants.

To use them, simply download the robot's .jar file (all robots come as ".jar" files, which means "Java ARchive"), and save it in your /robots directory.

Battle between Wolvering versus Rapture

Here are a couple screenshots of me downloading Rapture 2.13:

Showing a file dialog for downloading Rapture 2.13

Then, after clicking Save..

Showing a Save As file dialog for choosing where to save Rapture 2.13

Note: The easiest way to use downloaded robots is to save them directly to the robots directory. However, if you save it anywhere else or have any trouble, you can use the Import downloaded robot tool to copy it there.

Showing how to select "Import downloaded Robot" from the Robot menu

Once the new robot .jar file is in your robots directory, simply press F5 to refresh the New Battle dialog, and the robot will appear in the list:

Showing two selected robots from the New Battle dialog

Try it out! Is your robot tough enough?

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