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Revision as of 1 October 2012 at 20:37.
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I set up a robot project on my NetBeans. I loaded the robocode libraries, etc. All this seemed to go successfully. I can even compile my robot class with success. I also pointed robocode to the directory my robot class is in.

But my robot doesn't show up in the robot list for fights!

Any ideas? Thanks.

    Therealdrag004:35, 1 October 2012

    Hi! How you "pointed robocode to the directory my robot class is in"? What this directory contents? Do you added ${}.properties file? Which package are you use?

      Jdev11:34, 1 October 2012

      Thanks for the reply! I added the directory, "C:\MyRobots\build\classes\zjk", to development options. In that directory is only the class file, "drag0.class"

      Okay, since you mentioned properties file, I looked around (I don't see any ${}.properties file). But I set Robocode to the project directory and it now works. Thanks!

        Therealdrag020:37, 1 October 2012
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