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Author(s) KID
Extends AdvancedRobot
Targeting Virtual Guns :
Circular Targeting
Linear Targeting
Random Targeting
GuessFactor Targeting
LateralVelocity PM
TidalWave Targeting
Movement WaveSurfing
Released July 7th, 2005
Best Rating 1v1: 1873.02 (44th)
Melee: 1710.39 (6th)
Current Version .7.2
Code License None


Gladiator - yes, I got the name off the movie...

Gladiator is programed in a very structured way. While some of it is very unstructured way, I did try to code it to the best of my abilities and keep it very maintainable. Gladiator is very much a plug-and-play robot, with classes such as "Targeting", "Movement" and classes that extend those base classes. This created a very flexible and testable robot which is easy to maintain and upgrade with Virtual Guns and other things.

What's Next?

Currently, Gladiator is going under a massive overhaul. If you want to know just how massive it truly is, just take a look at the source code. In this effort, everything is being redone and nothing will be overlooked. This as been going on over the summer and continues into the fall and winter. I doubt there will be another version of Gladiator for sometime.

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