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(original post here)

Hi All,

We plan to implement startup tips and we are looking for good ones. I mocked up pictures of solution. We would like to implement panel with multiple fonts and links to web. It will be probably driven by XML similar to HTML, we don't have it yet, so the final solution may look different.

robocode-tips1s.png robocode-tips2s.png

Now you come, we need your help. Please share your best tips with us.

You could do it by commenting here or on ticket or just send us email.

We would like to see nice, well formed, short, informative TIPs about Robocode.

To sent a TIPs, please comment on original post, comment on this ticket or by email.

Email can be sent to:

  1. fnl at
  2. pavelsavara at
  3. robocode-developers at
  4. or any other robocode developers

Hope we will get best feedback from all of you, robocoders.

Thanks !
Pavel & Flemming

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