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Roboflight is a programming game planned as a spiritual successor to robocode. The name might change once it gets further along.

From Demo 20130214


This is the second draft of roboflight. Everything is up in the air at this point.

In case you want to take a peek at what I have been up to here is the latest demo.

GitHub Link


MILESTONE 1 - 0.4 MS1 Download
  1. Create a simple battle starter
    • Loading of robots from classes
  2. Add support for multiple robots of the same type to not share static data I think anyway
  3. Get missiles working again
  4. All those misc events... (on death, on other death, on hit by, on hit with, ...)
  5. Retweak UI to display energy in a nicer way.
    • Add UI support for more then two combatants while I am at it.
  6. Add pause/stop options
  7. Add FPS slider
  8. Add Non Interface Base Class
  1. Allow loading of robots from jars
  2. Add some kind of delay between missile launches.
  3. Individual robot coloring for robot, missile and bullets (perhaps thrust as well).
  4. Add Robot/Robot collisions
  5. Add Missile/Bullet collisions
  6. Add restart option
  7. Move current debug options into a menu/dialog.
  8. Add robot debug print support to UI.
  9. Add the ability to save options.
  10. Add security manager.
  11. Add missing collision events (wall, missile, robot, etc)
  1. Allow missiles to be armed, disarmed programmatic
    • Perhpas allow unarmed missiles to remain undetected and move slowly?
  2. Battle winning
  3. Multiple Rounds
  4. Battle Scoring
  5. ???

Note, I will fix bugs where I find them.

Would be nice

  • Eventually move rendering to a scene graph solution
  • Find something to replace slick-ttf.jar
  • Clean up some of my messier code
    • As I add options, this should happen automatically in some places.
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