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Extends Human
Released 2003
Current Version 1.0


Hi, I'm a high school junior from America. My father introduced me to Robocode a few years ago. However, I didn't know about the RoboWiki at that time. My robots could beat some of the sample robots, but they could never beat Walls =(

I went to a programming course, learned some basic java syntax, and went back to robocode. It was around this time that I found the RoboWiki and I read up on people's ideas and strategies =)

Now my new robots can beat Walls at scores of 96%, and I like to think they are fairly competitive =)

I currently don't have that many robots, but more shall come!


SquirmyToad - A NanoBot that uses a pattern matching gun and random movement. Currently #9 in the NanoRumble.

ButtHead - A NanoBot that head-butts the enemy. Currently #5 in the NanoRumble.

Basilite - A MicroBot using pattern matching and stop and go/random movement. Currently #4 in the MicroRumble.

Basilisk - A MiniBot that uses guessfactor targeting and stop and go/random movement. Currently #5 in the MiniRumble.


For a research competition, I thought it would be fun to study Robocode. I plan to build several test robots using basic strategies, place them into the RoboRumble, and then see which strategy is the most effective, overall. They are very simplistic and I have not done any fine-tuning. Most of them are based off of RaikoNano, BlackWidow, and GFTargetingBot. You can see them below. The naming system has the movement strategy first, and the targeting strategy second.

slugzilla.OrbitGF 1.0,

slugzilla.OrbitLinear 1.1,

slugzilla.OrbitPattern 1.1,

slugzilla.OscillateGF 1.0,

slugzilla.OscillateLinear 1.0,

slugzilla.OscillatePattern 1.0,

slugzilla.RandomGF 1.0,

slugzilla.RandomLinear 1.0,

slugzilla.RandomPattern 1.0,

slugzilla.SNGGF 1.0,

slugzilla.SNGLinear 1.0,

slugzilla.SNGPattern 1.0,

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