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I'm a second-year CS student living in China, who discovered robocode since late 2012. Before 2016, when I was hooked in competitive programming, I can only write JavaScript fluently, so I created a JavaScript platform to test my robocode bots (written in JavaScript certainly). In 2017, I eventually came back to robowiki, and soon fell in love with Java (and robocoding!).

Bots in RoboRumble

Bots in MeleeRumble

  • ScaledBot. Originally a ScalarBot rewrite, but it soon became my first attempt in melee.
  • Scalar. Originally a ScalarBot rewrite, but it soon became my second attempt in melee ;)

Retired bots

  • SimpleBot. I have a lot of heavy robots over-engineering, which was tiresome. One day, I was inspired and decided to rewrite everything, while keeping it simple. Then came SimpleBot. SimpleBot is also my first bot in rumble. Now it has been replaced by ScalarBot.
  • Carbon. A GoTo varient of SimpleBot. Suffers from heavy usages of immutable data structures, which pushed me to have a complete rewrite. (And that rewrite uses true surfing though)
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