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I'm a robocoder who discovered robocode in early 2012, and I discovered robowiki in the same year. Then, I spent a lot of time browsing robowiki and tried a varieties of targeting & wave surfing strategies, including k-NN, VCS and NeuralNetworks. I was really hooked meanwhile by machine learning in robocode, spending all day running battles to tune the parameters. However, all my experienments in the past was not mentioned to anyone else, not to mention publishing. Years later, when I went back to robowiki, I've seen something incredible happened that a lot of ancient robot was updated. Soon I decided to join the community and develop my own bots for competition.

Bots in RoboRumble

Bots in MeleeRumble

  • ScaledBot. Originally a ScalarBot rewrite, but it soon became my first attempt in melee.

Retired bots

  • SimpleBot. I have a lot of heavy robots over-engineering, which was tiresome. One day, I was inspired and decided to rewrite everything, while keeping it simple. Then came SimpleBot. SimpleBot is also my first bot in rumble. Now it has been replaced by ScalarBot.
  • Carbon. A GoTo varient of SimpleBot. Suffers from heavy usages of immutable data structures, which pushed me to have a complete rewrite. (And that rewrite uses true surfing though)
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