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Parts Repository:
/Movement - /Targeting - /Radar - /Gun - /SelectEnemy
Current Version 0.1


Module is a simple bot structure that can be extended to create your own bots. There are many other approaches (AbstractBot, PluggableRobot...) and most of the mega Bots use some kind of modular architecture.

Main advantages:

  • Ease of maintenance
  • Reusability capacity

Module is also intended to be the reference for the beginners to see the different techniques through a reusable parts repository.

Get started

Download Module and take a look at the class ExampleBot that extends Module to see how it works. Then look at the packages movement, targeting etc. to see the implementation that comes with the example. Now you can build your own independent reusable parts for your bots using the Module structure, or check the parts repository to learn new techniques.


Bot parts

The following parts define the bot behavior in Module.

Movement, Gun, Targeting, Radar and SelectEnemy

  • Movement: Move and turn the bot
  • Gun: Choose the power of the bullet power and fires
  • Targeting: Turn the gun to aim the enemies
  • Radar: Turn the radar to scan the enemies
  • SelectEnemy: Select the current enemy from the list of enemies in the battlefield

Movement, Gun, Targeting, Radar and SelectEnemy extends Part

Module manages

  • Information about the enemies
  • Information about my own bullets
  • Information about enemy bullets
  • Graphical debug of the parts


  • Module is released with the license RWLPCL
  • Each part of the Parts Repository can have its own license