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Author(s) ISTMajor
Extends TeamRobot
Targeting GuessFactor Targeting
Movement Circular,Oscillator_Movement
Best Rating Not yet rated
Current Version .1
Code License None


Name: ShocknAwe Author ISTMajor

ShocknAwe is a two robot team. It's designed is intended to take two robots who share the same code base of under 2000 bytes. The robots independantly monitor both targets sharing critical data and take a deffensive/offensive position. (Robot that gets hit turns to evasion and power conservation, robot not getting hit aggressively closes range and attacking, it will even ram if the target doesn't shoot at it) Robots will swap roles if for whatever reason the aggressing bot is attacked.


ShocknAwe works very well against most teams. Teams that focus on deffense (Fire at closest) often fall easy prey as the constant swap back and forth creates problems as ShocknAwe is able to deliver punishment, then quickly switch taking minimal damage in return.

Teams the focus on agression (Pick a target to crush) often fall easy prey as their target goes into a deffensive stance while the other bot is free to tear them apart in close quarters. (Ramming if left unagressed)


ShocknAwe loses some solo ability over other Twinduel bots in it's strategy swaps. So other teams will have the raw advantages in having more refined targeting and/or movement. This means on some occasions ShocknAwe is simply "out gunned"

ShocknAwe suffers dramatically against teams that split fire because of the "role switch" ShocknAwe is designed to take, when both bots are attacked movement becomes chaotic making the bots swap between agressive to deffensive constantly, this brings the fight down to who's got the better targeting/movement code, a great deal of which ShocknAwe lost in order to allow it's role swap.


Version 0.1 (4/23/2010) ShocknAwe has been created as a "proof of concept" the basic strategy is working, but is full of bugs, glitches, and it's movement when in deffensive is terrible at best.