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I'm a 26 year old Web Systems Developer for the University of Central Florida who is an Information Systems Technology graduate pursuing a masters in Digital Forensics. I came across Robocode looking for ideas on how to spin a game I've been developing for fun called "It's Them or Us" which that project is still going well, but I got addicted to the "Programming Game" Genre and wound up here with Robocode as it's one of the only ones that appears to have been maintained over the years.

I can be found in several places online the primary two I'd say are my personal web gallery which holds some of my art, development, etc projects, and @EricFishor on Twitter.

Note: All my bots are open source and you are welcome to freely use their code under the conditions you make at least some changes and not just copy, paste, and rename, and any code you use that I've written you give me credit for. (So if you use a targetting method I've created just say "targetting method by ISTMajor" etc)

Bots under Active Development:
Sonsuzluk - Nueral / Wave Moment, GF-gun
ShocknAwe - TwinDuel team with strategic positioning, GF-gun, and ramming!
--ISTMajor 21:44, 23 April 2010 (UTC)