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Bem-vindo ao wiki. :) -- ABC

Conforme ja havia lhe dito, obrigado. de uma olhada na To-Do list da pagina do Musashi :-)... -- Axe

All you know how seriously we take the Carnival here in Brazil, 5 days of holiday! And also all you know how Rio de Janeiro becomes in these days (a lot of turists - 2 million aprox.). So, I'm going to the mountains in that hell-like mean time. See u all soon, good carnival and give a rest to my bots please :)... Specially Rozu's Aleph. Obv, just kiddin', good carnival to you all that don't have that holiday! Quoting D'Gaule: "Brazil isn't a serious country" (at least he was 5-days right..) -- Axe

Happy Carnival, everybody ))))))))))).... -- Axe

I have a question to you RoboCoders: Is the real dimensions of a bot 40X40? Think that i've saw somewhere that it isn't really that. Does anybody knows something about it? -- Axe

Iirc, it's 36x36. -- ABC

That was what i thought have seen... But why the api returns 40 then? -- Axe

Does it? I think you might be the first one who have ever use the API call. =) -- PEZ

Am I drunk? I'll check my code... Maybe is the carnival :-) Hic! -- Axe

Nope, i aint drunk (yet)... I use (probably since i've started robocoding): Math.max(this.getHeight(), this.getWidth());... The api javadoc says:

public double getHeight()Returns the height of the robot 

the height of the robot
public double getWidth()Returns the width of the robot 

the width of the robot

And it returns 40X40... Any clues why? -- Axe

because that's the width and height of the bot maybe? The legendary 18 and 36 stuff we're doing is because Robocode actually subtracts 4 from both of those when doing collision detection, maybe as a sort of averaging between when they're facing diagonally and facing vertically or horizontally (?) -- Kawigi

The bot is a non-rotating square according to the developers IIRC, so where you're facing shouldn't make a difference. I can't believe that 40x40 is correct, my movement code should make me drive into walls constantly... Jamougha

My point is that a bot is a 40x40 rotating square according to the developers (ideally), but it's implemented as a 36x36 non-rotating square. -- Kawigi

Perhaps... I'm not sure what the difference is. :-) Anyhow, I just tested and a bot can approach to within 18.0001 pixels of the wall or so, so 36x36 is a good assumption. -- Jamougha

I had a gun that couldn't hit walls once because he would be within 17.999999999 pixels of the wall and it screwed it up. -- Kawigi

It's a non-rotating square? Are u sure? I mean, it isn't linked to the graphical representation? -- Axe

Interesting... it's really a 36X36, there is the code:

public synchronized void updateBoundingBox()
  boundingBox.setRect((x - (double)(width / 2)) + 2D, 
      (y - (double)(height / 2)) + 2D, width - 4, height - 4);

Where width=height=40... Weird... -- Axe

Beware u all robocoderes... I´m preparing a disciple: Caeser. He promisses(?). Time will tell... -- Axe

I have a problem with all of your bots. Not a single one runs on my computer.Everytime when i try to run a battle with a robot i get this:

SYSTEM: Could not load axeBots.SilverSurfer 1.01 : java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: axeBots/SilverSurfer (Unsupported major.minor version 48.0)
java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: axeBots/SilverSurfer (Unsupported major.minor version 48.0)
    at java.lang.ClassLoader.defineClass0(Native Method)
    at java.lang.ClassLoader.defineClass(
    at robocode.battle.Battle.initialize(

I use Java 1.3 . Is this a possible reason for throwing this exception or what am i doing wrong. --deathcon

Thnx for reporting. Probably is the JRE version, ABC also gave me this warning. I'll try to fix it for 1.3 as soon as possible, the problem is that i'm around with some WaveSurfing problem... -- Axe

Just installed java 1.4 and no more problems. :D --deathcon

It's a good step i think. Many others bots have the same compatibility issue... I have to solve this to make it 1.3 compatible, but this kind of stuff always loose priority (it´s not that fun u know:). -- Axe

Dude, I do receive your e-mail letters. It must be you not receiving mine. -- PEZ

  • It was that spam killer... I don't know what is worst: the disease or the cure. -- Axe

Hey you all dudes! Just to remember that I remember u all, and hopefully u all remember me too... (remember-boring i know) I have some new ideas and thoughts that are screaming to go out, but i'm facing now an awfully long and hard time. But u all know too, after the storm the good times allways shine! "It can't rain alltimes..." (sic-to me) (or !hics! maybe? - definately it's written PORTO on the bottle, PEZ! Actually on all of them:). God Bless U All, see u soon! -- Axe

Man, that doesn't sound good. Well, it sounds like it tastes good. Maybe it's with Ports as it is with Burboun, you need to break a few bottles before they really get to ya. =) Hope to see you back on the scene soon! -- PEZ

Hope to see you back soon Axe, well as long as you keep from pushing us down in the rankings that is ;-) Same goes for you ABC! -- Pulsar

Too late for that... ;) -- ABC

Hey ya! Good to "see" u all! Hails from Brazil!
Congrats for the 3rd place, ABC! Aiming the crown?
U have work to do now, Pulsar ;). Answering your question, im not planning anything by now... Too much work, no time for fun now. But maybe ahead we will try something, i definately(?) miss robocoding...
Again, salutes to u all robocoders. Build the best, destroy the rest! -- Axe

I'm always aiming for the crown, who isn't? ;) Take your time to return, I had (almost) forgotten how tiring robocode can be, when you'r not coding you are thinking about what to try next. It's an obsession! -- ABC

Yeah u are right, indeed... It´s in the blood, isn´t? Or you do it deeply, or u better don´t do it at all. The night that Pulsar wrote me his post, i already noticed that u where(was?) doing updates. Tryied to post a response like that: "ABC seems back, if i where(?) u all, I´ll start to shake, I´´ll start to coff..". But i´ve got problems in my connection, and later was too late... Like the crowd use to shout here, in the Maracanã after a goal: "Haaaaá! Eu Já sabiaaaaaaá!". ;) Keep on pushing up the limits!
For those about to robocode, we salute you!!! -- Axe

Btw, a question to u all robocoders: I was thinking in putting, in a temporary base, SilverFist back. Only to see where it would stand, and after that i´ll take it out. Anyone have a problem with that? PEZ (where r u, man...)? -- Axe

I definitely have no problem with that! As a newcomer to Robocode, I've only read about this legendary monster, and I'd love to get to see it in action :) (From what I understand, PEZ is playing Halo.) -- Voidious

Naughty boy that PEZ, ain´t him? I´ll try to contact him anyway, let´s see if those old adresses that i have r still valid...
Welcome to the battle, Voidious! Very impressive that #32 for a first bot. Keep the good work, new quality blood is a bless. -- Axe

Yes, SilverFist is always welcome. We made an interesting experiment a while ago, AShadow (Shadow's movement + Ascendant's gun). I don't know if you saw it, but the result was AShadow > Ascendant. ;) -- ABC

Lots of Halo 2 for this guy, yes. And even more maintaing and my Halo 2 clan ( Halo 2 is cool in many ways, but it is far from as friendly as the Robocode scene. I miss you guys! And I will probably now try to put some focus back on Robocode. How fun could it be for an Ascendant without something to ascend? =) -- PEZ

HA! The old and good PEZ, now a.k.a. "Halo man"? :) I´ll take a look at that Halo stuff, if it´s good for PEZ... But my guts says that RC is invencible! Even i´m beeing more than a year far from the rc coding, I still sometimes catch myself wondering about angles, neural and statistic approachs for aiming & moving...
But as i said, for the next weeks i´ll be just the Work-Axe-Holic, no time for fun-coding (althought i still squeeze some time for Beers, friends & women). Beeing a single again since dec-2005, it´s time for changing, the rock must roll, "O mundo gira, a Lusitana roda!" (i really dont think that this can be easily translated, perhaps ABC could). As PEZ, im trying new games too, Kenjutso & Kendo, and its sometimes amazing how life imitates the code... Sword fighting aint that different from robocoding at all! Talk 2 much, i now. 2 much from me, i now 2. But as PEZ, I miss you guys 2! (2 much 2s? Or 2 much muches? :))
Well, ill try a taste of rc today, PEZ agreed with my little SilverFist test, and since no one was against it... I´ll remove it when stable in rank, so it´s only a test. But i´m curious about how it will perform in this new environment. This is the old version, from 2004 september, i think. No updates at all. I think that it reached 2078. Lets see now. -- Axe

SilverFist ended afterall w/ 2045 pts., irc, it was 2078 more than a(n?) year ago. It was a King at his time, but now it ended in a draw with SilverSurfer at 5th... The competition is definately toughter... -- Axe

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